Announcing the 2015 NG3C Shootout!

Yes, it’s that time again. Hopefully, you’ve recovered from last year! :-) This year’s Shootout will take place on Saturday, September 26th. The event will be hosted by The Cobb Photographic Society in Marietta, Georgia and will take place in the Marietta Performing Arts Center at Marietta High School.

marietta performing arts center


Cobb County will be the boundary in which photos may be created that day.

As you will see from the examples below, Cobb promises that there will be ample photographic opportunities within our county borders. If you are planning a practice day, drop into the Marietta Welcome Center and take a look at their publications and photos.

marietta train depot and welcome center

marietta visitors guide

 You can order the Visitor’s Guide by clicking on the image above or click here. The website shows the complete guide for those who need immediate gratification.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council Shootout was created as an avenue for area camera clubs to interact, meet and greet, share, and compete. Clubs compete head to head to win bragging rights while individuals scramble for ribbons and prizes.

Currently we have 14 member photography clubs!

Individual prizes will be awarded to the top five finishers in each of 5 categories. Ribbons will be awarded to the top ten finishers in each category.

Up to $2500 worth of individual prizes from Showcase Photo and Video will be awarded!  The clubs whose members score the most points will be presented with plaques.

Below you see the 2014 NG3C Shootout winners, the Cherokee Photography Club.

Your photo club can win this great honor in 2015!!

CherokeePhotographyClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

Examples of the many photographic opportunities in Marietta are provided by Mark Chandler below:

marietta collage-a

The scope:  Participant clubs will meet on campus on September 26th, the day of the shootout where the category subjects will be chosen on the spot. Directions and maps will be distributed. All photos must be taken within the designated area on that day. By a specified time, all teams will gather to edit their images onsite and select images for competition. Judges will choose winners and award prizes in the afternoon ceremony.

The rules:  Click here for a complete set of rules.

Sign up:  Click here for Registration information.

The cost:  Each club or team shall pay a $50.00 registration/membership fee. The club or team shall pay $10.00 per photographer up to $300 per team. Each club or team should include a minimum of 5 photographers.

Workshops:  While the judges are choosing winners, participants will be treated to two workshops presented by Mark Buckler and Jerry Black.

For more information on Mark Buckler and his photography, visit his website at

For more information about Jerry Black, please visit this Facebook page which also contains several of his beautiful nature images.

So, CLUBS!! Get started and register your group to participate in this fun-filled, over-the-top day of photography. It's a HUGE ADVENTURE!!

If you need more information, or registration information, reply to this email, contact Mary Abernathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jerrie Paschal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or look under the Shootout menu at the top.

Please feel free to tell others who might have an interest in the Shootout!

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