Cherokee Photography Club Wins FIRST PLACE - 2014 NG3C Shoot Out!!!

The Cherokee Photography Club from Canton, GA won FIRST PLACE in the Seventh Annual NG3C Photography Club Shootout on Saturday, September 13th, 2014!!!CherokeePhotographyClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The Sweetwater Camera Club from Douglasville, Georgia won 2nd Place:
SweetwaterCameraClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) won 3rd Place:
GNPA 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The annual NG3C event was held at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. Participating in the 2014 shootout Competition were 9 teams made up of approximately 152 photographers from photo clubs and groups in North Georgia and Tennessee.

The five categories for this year were drawn at random by the Mayor of Waleska, the Honorable Doris Jones. The categories included: 
Shapes & Patterns: Repeating Patterns
Perspective: Far, Far Away
Technique: Soft Focus
Grabbag: Togetherness
Colors: Green.
You can view all winning entries and see photos of our member clubs struggling to meet the very tight Shootout deadline. Click here to view the 2014 NG3C gallery.
To view all 50 winning photographs in one gallery, click here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 5 judges. They worked very hard and made excellent, thoughtful choices.
The judges were: Erwin Spinner, Larry Winslett, Marvin Price, Mike Nalley and
Scott Johnson. We have linked their names to their own web galleries.
To view a picture of them in action at the Shoot Out, click here.

To view more pictures of people attending the 2014 event, feel free to explore all gallery folders 

Showcase Photo & Video was once again the primary sponsor, providing gift cards for the top ten places in each of the five categories. They also provided and awarded many wonderful door prizes. There were several other photography-related vendors on hand for the participants to visit. Their photos are among a variety of photos that appear here . . .

Everyone enjoyed the competition and camaraderie packed into this great annual event. We are all looking forward to the 2015 North Georgia Camera Club Council Shootout. Thank you to all who participated! And for those clubs in this area who didn't paticipate, we hope to have you join us NOW!! To become a member of the NG3C, please visit our membership signup page, download and fill out the form and send it in! 
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