NG3C Shootout WINNERS and Final Wrap-up

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First Place Collage

THANK YOU to our 2017 NG3C Shootout Participants . . .
Winners, All!

The 10th annual NG3C Shootout has come to a close and the final results are in. The composite photo above gives a glimpse of the first place winning pictures from each of 5 topics.The images are not in a specific order.

Our 5 topics, drawn by Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger, were as follows:

Topic 1: River's Edge
Topic 2: All in the Details - Macro
Topic 3: Abandoned
Topic 4: Birds
Topic 5: Ugly Made Beautiful

Below is the final spreadsheet of awarded points. In each of the 5 categories, a first place winner receives 10 points, and a 10th place winner receives 1 point. The club with the most points wins, of course, and other club results are ranked accordingly:


For the first time in our 10 year history, we have a tie for first place! Both Cobb Photographic Society and Decatur Digital Photography Meetup were awarded 39 points, with Cherokee Photography Club and Brentwood Photography Club gaining 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

All 50 winning images and teams of photographers can be viewed by going to the website galleries. Click here!

The images are categorized by: All images, By Topic, By Club, Photos of Winners Receiving Ribbons, and Everything Else we have received to date. The 4 top winning teams also received plaques. Read More

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