PSA Membership Instructions and Information for Clubs

The Fall Issue of the PSA Projector has been posted on the PSA Website. The Projector can be found at this link.pdf-wht

Or the Projector may be also found now in MyPSA at this link: (you will be asked to log in to view the file)

Logging in:
Logging in to the Club Services Area. The first time a club rep logs into MyPSA-clubs, the club rep will enter their club’s PSA Member ID number and then reset the password The club id number can be found on the package label of the PSA Journal. Be sure to write this information down for future reference. The password can always be reset, but PSA headquarters cannot look up the club’s current password if it is lost or forgotten.

• After the club rep has logged in with the PSA-member Clubs ID number and set the clubs permanent password, club reps will be taken to the Club/Council Services web page.
• When the club rep gets to the current Projector, the pdf file may be downloaded.

This issue has information on the following:

• PSA Annual Conference Albuquerque
• PSA Club Rep of the Year, Large and Small Club
• PSA Club Service Award for the Delaware Photographic Society
• PSA Council Challenge Results
• PSA Interclub Comparison Chart
• PSA Youth Photography Showcase
• PSA Membership Referral Announcements
• PSA Newsletter Contest Results
• PSA-member Dona Ana Camera Club
• PSA Website Contest Results
• Image Analysis Course for organizations
• Information on Chapters, Clubs, Councils contest dates for 2014
• Interclub Deadline by Dates

If the club or council rep for your club has changed, please go to this web link to update the information.

Please download this newsletter and send to all of your board members and club members. Get involved!  

Be sure to keep the club or council information updated:  

Thank you,  

Nan Carder, EPSA
Chapters, Clubs, & Councils VP
Photographic Society of America

Diane McKinley
The Projector, Co-Editor (Layout)

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