Haygood Avenue Closed Phase 1

A portion of  Haygood Avenue will be closed next week for work related to construction of the new residence hall.
Please see the attached pdf map for detours.pdf-wht

Student/visitor parking lot on Haygood Avenue:
Haygood Avenue will be closed between the intersection with Pierce Street and the entrance to the Haygood student/visitor parking lot.  A temporary entrance to the parking lot will be created just south of the usual entrance.  (See attached map)
Pedestrian traffic:
The usual pedestrian crosswalk at the corner of Pierce Street and Haygood Avenue will be closed, and part of the sidewalk on the south side of Pierce Street near Haygood will not be available.  Pedestrians needing to get from Haygood or Hamill Street to Pierce Street should follow temporary signs directing them to their destination.

Parking will continue to be available in the Haygood Avenue lot during this time.

On another note: two areas inside open buildings that shouldn’t be photographed because of artist copyright issues.  They are the Hunt Gallery in the rotunda of the student center and the Fran Elizer Exhibit Gallery in the library.  I doubt your photographers would choose to shoot there, anyway, but thought it best for me to mention it.

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