NGCCC: LMEA Camera/Video Club - equipment disposal auction

Aspdf-wht you may be aware, Lockheed has chosen to close the LMEA hobby clubs and the LMEA Camera/Video Club will cease to exist by the end of the year.

The Club has maintained a darkroom and other equipment for many years.
The LMEA Camera/Video Club is to vacate the Lockheed premises before Nov 15.  
The equipment has to go!

This is an auction to try to find homes for this equipment before it is wholesaled to another company.

The equipment list is attached; it is reasonably accurate.  Bidding on items will be exclusive to the NGCCC Club members until the date of the next LMEA club meeting: Oct 15.  
After the next meeting the remaining items will be wholesaled to another company.

Bids will be of a “BLIND SEALED BID” format conducted via email and only by email.
This is the email   >>>>>>>>>>   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bids will be of a free-form format; state the item you want and your bid.
Please include your club affiliation and an email where you can be reached.  If I can’t find you, your bid doesn’t count.
Notification of winners will be at the end of the bidding period.
In the case of disputed bids, King Solomon Rules shall apply.

Ralph C. Burr
LMEA Camera/Video Club

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