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PSA Membership Instructions and Information for Clubs

The Fall Issue of the PSA Projector has been posted on the PSA Website. The Projector can be found at this link.pdf-wht

Or the Projector may be also found now in MyPSA at this link: (you will be asked to log in to view the file)

Logging in:
Logging in to the Club Services Area. The first time a club rep logs into MyPSA-clubs, the club rep will enter their club’s PSA Member ID number and then reset the password The club id number can be found on the package label of the PSA Journal. Be sure to write this information down for future reference. The password can always be reset, but PSA headquarters cannot look up the club’s current password if it is lost or forgotten.

• After the club rep has logged in with the PSA-member Clubs ID number and set the clubs permanent password, club reps will be taken to the Club/Council Services web page.
• When the club rep gets to the current Projector, the pdf file may be downloaded.

This issue has information on the following:

• PSA Annual Conference Albuquerque
• PSA Club Rep of the Year, Large and Small Club
• PSA Club Service Award for the Delaware Photographic Society
• PSA Council Challenge Results
• PSA Interclub Comparison Chart
• PSA Youth Photography Showcase
• PSA Membership Referral Announcements
• PSA Newsletter Contest Results
• PSA-member Dona Ana Camera Club
• PSA Website Contest Results
• Image Analysis Course for organizations
• Information on Chapters, Clubs, Councils contest dates for 2014
• Interclub Deadline by Dates

If the club or council rep for your club has changed, please go to this web link to update the information.

Please download this newsletter and send to all of your board members and club members. Get involved!  

Be sure to keep the club or council information updated:  

Thank you,  

Nan Carder, EPSA
Chapters, Clubs, & Councils VP
Photographic Society of America

Diane McKinley
The Projector, Co-Editor (Layout)

Scott MacQuarrie Lecture January 11th, 2014 !

The North Georgia Camera Club Council is pleased to announce that an outstanding photography workshop will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at the Cherokee Arts Center located at 95 North Street, Canton GA, 30114. Our lecturer will be Photographer Scott MacQuarrie. Scott's website is . More information concerning cost, schedule and agenda will be posted as this information becomes available. Check back soon and SAVE THE DATE!

GNPA wins the 2013 NG3C Shootout !!!

On Saturday, October 12th, 2013, a great many photographers from 5 regional camera clubs met together at Oxford College of Emory University in Oxford, Georgia and competed in the 2013 North Georgia Camera Club Council's annual photography shootout sponsored by Showcase Photo & Video in Atlanta. The competition was fierce but friendly as teammates from 5 photo clubs gathered their courage and sharpened their skills. They worked very hard to "beat the clock" in what has become North Georgia's premiere photo scavenger hunt.

By 2 p.m. on Saturday, all 5 clubs had turned in their images to the judging staff, made up of photo instructors from local educational institutions and experienced professional photographers. The contest categories, selected early in the day, are listed as follows:

1 - Shapes - In the Middle
2 - Technique - Panning Motion
3 - Creative - Accidental Letters
4 - Nature - Urban Nature
5 - Architecture - Weathered Architecture

The judges were:

Mike Boatright - Local Atlanta photographer
Perry Dilbeck - Instructor at Art Institute of Atlanta
Maury Gortemiller - Instructor at Kennesaw State University
Kyle Petersen - Instructor at Gwinnett Technical College
Jeff Woodlee - Local Atlanta photographer

The results of the competition are as follows:

1st Place - Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA)
2nd Place - Cherokee Photography Club
3rd Place - Cobb Photographic Society
4th Place - Paulding Photography Club
5th Place - Brentwood Photography Group

You may see the winning entries organized in folders containing all images, by category and by club by clicking on the image in the left sidebar, or on the Gallery menu item above or by clicking here. Thank you to everyone who made this year's shoot out a success, and to all participants! Special thanks go to Tom Simpson of the GNPA for helping organize and host the shootout and to Sandee Horan, Jerrie Paschal, Kim Bates and all those on the board of directors of the NG3C and photo club leaders who made this great event happen! See you again next year! 

Shootout Message from Sandee

Good afternoon everyone!

Are you ready for the Shootout?? The folks in the GNPA have been working very hard to make this another enjoyable and successful event. It looks like the weather will cooperate so we should have a great day!

Haygood Avenue Closed Phase 1

A portion of  Haygood Avenue will be closed next week for work related to construction of the new residence hall.
Please see the attached pdf map for detours.pdf-wht

Student/visitor parking lot on Haygood Avenue:
Haygood Avenue will be closed between the intersection with Pierce Street and the entrance to the Haygood student/visitor parking lot.  A temporary entrance to the parking lot will be created just south of the usual entrance.  (See attached map)
Pedestrian traffic:
The usual pedestrian crosswalk at the corner of Pierce Street and Haygood Avenue will be closed, and part of the sidewalk on the south side of Pierce Street near Haygood will not be available.  Pedestrians needing to get from Haygood or Hamill Street to Pierce Street should follow temporary signs directing them to their destination.

Parking will continue to be available in the Haygood Avenue lot during this time.

On another note: two areas inside open buildings that shouldn’t be photographed because of artist copyright issues.  They are the Hunt Gallery in the rotunda of the student center and the Fran Elizer Exhibit Gallery in the library.  I doubt your photographers would choose to shoot there, anyway, but thought it best for me to mention it.

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