Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

The North Georgia Camera Club Council was organized to provide a resource for camera clubs in the North Georgia region. Our mission is:

  • to promote beneficial relationships among camera clubs in the North Georgia region and to assist member clubs and individuals in the conduct of their photographic activities
  • to supplement and coordinate the scientific and educational efforts of camera clubs in the north Georgia region relating to the art and science of photography,
  • to provide instruction in the use of camera equipment and in photographic techniques,
  • to disseminate new scientific and technical information in the field of photography.


It is our vision that camera clubs will come together in the interest of photography and participate in various activities that will encourage interest and membership in the local clubs as well as provide a common ground for issues that affect every club including operational and programmatic topics.

 It is our vision that camera clubs will share information and resources and that information will flow throughout all the clubs increasing the interest and participation of the community in photographic events.

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