Description of Activities

The North Georgia Camera Club Council was formed as a legal entity in early 2009 out of a request from several local area camera clubs who wanted to have a single point of information for issues around the operating of a local area camera club. Representatives from 10 clubs gathered to discuss their visions and from this arose the desire to bring together all the clubs who have similar issues and pool their talent and resources to help educate club officers and directors in how to deal with the ever-changing face of a club of creative members.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes

(i) to promote beneficial relationships among camera clubs in the North Georgia region and to assist member clubs and individuals in the conduct of their photographic activities,

(ii) to supplement and coordinate the scientific and educational efforts of camera clubs in the north Georgia region relating to the art and science of photography,

(iii) to provide instruction in the use of camera equipment and in photographic techniques,

(iv) to disseminate new scientific and technical information in the field of photography,

(v) to operate for other exclusively charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council holds at least one workshop per year that pools all the talent from area camera clubs and is instructional in some phase of photography.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council offers support and information to new camera clubs as they form and start recruiting for members.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council serves as a referral source for camera clubs seeking qualified programs and judges for their events and to serve as a resource for organizational and operational guidelines.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council hosts a North Georgia Shootout that encourages all photographers to attend an outing to compete in a photo contest that showcases some scenic part of North Georgia increasing awareness of photography, local camera clubs and local scenic and historic sites for photography.

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